Are Israel, Saudi Arabia about to upgrade relations?

Palestinians point finger at Israel for crisis with US

Israeli army to evict 300 Palestinians from Jordan Valley

More Palestinian Land to be Seized for Settlement Expansion

US to close PLO offices in Washington unless Trump determines ‘meaningful negotiations’

Israeli Minister: “We have connections that are partially secretive with many Muslim and Arab countries”

Israel Lobby is Slowly Being Dragged Into the Light

Will this Palestinian organization weather funding storm?

Zionism’s calm destruction of Palestine

Anti-Semites feted by Zionist Organization of America


Historic US bill would outlaw Israel aid used to abuse children Electronic Intifada, 11/14/17

Israel Uses U.S. Tax Dollars to Abuse Palestinian Children. This Bill Would Put an End to That. The Intercept, 11/14/17

Palestinian children's rights focus of new US bill Al Jazeera, 11/14/17

Israel-Palestine Timeline The Human Cost of the Conflict

Congress deepens US-Israel missile alliance

Citing BDS, Israel bars entry to Amnesty staffer

Hamas hands over Egypt border crossing to Palestinian Authority: AFP

The Lie of a Century

Governor Walker, WEDC Secretary Hogan Depart Friday for Trade Mission to Israel

Wisconsin becomes 24th US state to bar or condemn anti-Israel BDS movement

Israel approves 176 settlement homes for east Jerusalem

Trump taps head of anti-Palestinian group as top civil rights enforcer

Washington Watch: Balfour Declaration: A Convergence of Zionist Ambition and the British Imperial Enterprise

Israel delays move to expand Jerusalem over US pressure,7340,L-5035381,00.html?utm_campaign=20171030&utm_source=sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_term=Middle%20East%20Minute

Boris Johnson: ‘Balfour clause to protect existing communities has not been met’

Did British Mandate pave way for Israeli occupation?

Dr. Ashrawi on Israel’s dangerous plan to ethnically cleanse Palestinians from Jerusalem

Israel, US coordinated on settlement construction

US launches $10 million water project in West Bank

The racist worldview of Arthur Balfour

Hamas calls US comments on unity deal 'blatant interference'

In Unprecedented Move, Eight European Countries to Demand Compensation From Israel for West Bank Demolitions


Neo-Nazi Richard Spencer says he turns to Israel “for guidance”​

Unity Deal Offers Hope for Palestinians and a Respite for Gaza

Right-wing Israelis rampage through Jerusalem’s Old City

Trump puts Israel first with UNESCO withdrawal

Thousands of settlers storm Islamic Holy sites for Jewish holidays

Ashrawi:The reconciliation agreement signals a qualitative development in contemporary Palestinian history

Unity Deal Offers Hope for Palestinians and a Respite for Gaza

Has Palestinian unity finally arrived?

The story behind first permanent US base in Israel

Thousands of Israeli, Palestinian women 'wage peace' in the desert

Germany’s new Nazis see Israel as role model

Israeli arms maker picked to build prototype of Trump’s border wall

Supreme Court justices to skip settlement jubilee ceremony

Israel unsure about 'day after' Abbas, and even 'day before'

UN takes first step to end Israel’s impunity

‘Settlements are part of Israel,’ US Ambassador David Friedman says

Palestinians slam 'false' comments by US Israel envoy

Why the occupation is no accident

US military opens its first base in Israel,7340,L-5018471,00.html?utm_source=Boomtrain&utm_medium=manual&utm_campaign=20170919

Trump talks up peace prospects with Netanyahu at UN meeting

How Israel robs Palestinians of citizenship


‘5 decades of de-development’: UN report blasts Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands

Churches reject attempts to weaken Christian presence in Jerusalem


Palestine Unites in Protest Call Over Trump 'Mediation' Intent

Netanyahu & Lieberman mock Trump administration on settlements: We’re here to stay forever’

Key Senate panel votes to slash Palestinian aid over ‘martyr’ payments

Israel And The Palestinian Authority Finally Agree — About Jailing Peace Activist Issa Amro

​Japan comes to the rescue of Gaza's hospitals

Palestinians may be on verge of charting new political path

Israel uses Caterpillar equipment in revenge demolition

Cutting Off Payments to Palestinian Families Won’t Stop Terrorism

New York Times distorts reality of Israel’s walls

Palestinian Authority imposing “police state” in West Bank

‘We came to school and found the school destroyed’: Israeli forces demolish West Bank school hours before children’s first day

Trump sends personal message to Abbas via Kushner

Netanyahu to reportedly meet Trump during upcoming visit to US in September

Netanyahu's new plan: Getting rid of Israel's Palestinians

Archives belie Israel's narrative of Palestinian conflict

Palestinians warn Abbas could dismantle PA in 2018

Israel, PA discreetly resume security coordination

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren Comes Out Against anti-BDS Bill

Gaza boy killed during al-Aqsa protest

New York Times ignores Israeli calls for ethnic cleansing

New Netanyahu “peace” plan is straight out of apartheid South Africa

The fight for Jerusalem: Palestinians will not be subdued

‘Transferring’ Palestinian citizens of Israel to a Palestinian state goes from outrage to Netanyahu policy

Democrats Join Republicans In Bill Criminalizing Speech Critical Of Israel

Why is UN pushing for Gaza’s surrender?

 ​Gaza on Verge of Collapse as Israel Sends 2.2M People "Back to Middle Ages" in Electricity Crisis

ANC decides South Africa should downgrade ties with Israel

Haley vows to veto any Palestinian from serving in senior UN role

Abbas dismisses thousands of Gaza employees in bid to pressure Hamas

Netanyahu dictates agenda in meeting with US envoys


What Israelis Call Palestinians and Why It Matters

Why Are Palestinians Called Palestinians?

What Are Old Photos and Films of Palestinians Doing in the IDF Archive?

Mahmoud Abbas’ high stakes gamble in Gaza

Former prisoners say payments end as PA comes under US pressure

Palestinians despair as Israel breaks ground on new settlement

Nikki Haley's view of Gaza is through Israeli eyes only

Israel implements illegal cuts to Gaza’s power supply

Americans Disproportionately Leading the Charge in Settling the West Bank

Israel starts work on first new West Bank settlement in 20 years

Israeli settlement building has risen, official data shows

By Nadia Hijab and Mouin Rabbani June 5, 2017

Catastrophe looms in Gaza


US activists’ homes targeted in pro-Israel intimidation campaign

Trump budget slashes Middle East aid

Students urge end to US-Israel police exchanges

Why the Palestinian Authority Should Be Shuttered


How Israel's violent birth destroyed Palestine

What is next for Hamas?

UNESCO resolution passes calling to reject Israeli sovereignty over all Jerusalem,7340,L-4956465,00.html?utm_source=Boomtrain&utm_medium=manual&utm_campaign=20170503

After UNESCO vote, Israel cuts another $1m from UN budget

Abbas stops funding Gaza electricity to pressure Hamas

Netanyahu: Abbas lied to Trump

New US bill would punish settlement boycotters   By Josh Ruebner

How Zionist terrorism determined Palestine’s fate

Landmark UN report backs Israel boycott

Israel fumes as UN board slams its ‘apartheid, racial domination’ over Palestinians

Palestinians hail UN report declaring Israel an apartheid state

Trump budget slashes foreign aid, but not for Israel

UN official resigns after pressure to withdraw Israel apartheid report


A forgotten US vision for a single democratic state in Palestine    Josh Ruebner

[Washington,] June 4, 1947.  top secret
A Plan for the Future Government of Palestine​

Secretary Kerry Remarks on Middle East Peace


U.N. Declares Israeli Settlements Illegal; Netanyahu Vows to Retaliate After U.S. Abstains from Vote

In wake of UN measure, hundreds of East Jerusalem homes set to be okayed

Trump Pressures Obama Over U.N. Resolution on Israeli Settlements

Despite Pressure From Trump, UN Votes to Demand End to Israeli Settlements

Rebuffing Israel, U.S. Allows Censure Over Settlements

The full text of the United Nations anti-settlement resolution

US lets Security Council pass resolution against Israeli settlements

The Hidden History of the Balfour Declaration

Obama hands Israel the largest military aid deal in history

The Contest Over Israel Aid

Discriminatory Laws in Israel


The Zionist Project


Challenges to international humanitarian law: Israel’s occupation policy  Peter Maurer
President of the International Committee of the Red Cross


"Genesis: An even-handed look at Harry Truman, America and the origins of the Arab-Israeli conflict"  Review by Jeet Heer


Seeds of Doubt

Harry Truman's concerns about Israel and Palestine were prescient—and forgotten


Zionism is a “false theology,” says new Presbyterian study guide  Joe Catron, ei, 1/31/2014

The Great Zionist Coverup  by Edwin Wright


Oral History Interview with Edwin M. Wright - Harry S. Truman Library
Independence, Missouri

Gaza on Verge of Collapse as Israel Sends 2.2M People "Back to Middle Ages" in Electricity Crisis
Clashes break out in Old City as Temple Mount tensions flare
Netanyahu puts Trump on notice over Syria
Video: Is Israel a step closer to al-Aqsa takeover?

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